Pure Farms Pure Waters: Aerial Monitoring Program

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Pure Farms Pure Waters:

Aerial Monitoring

Through the Pure Farms, Pure Waters program, Coastal Carolina Riverwatch regularly monitors Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) by air and land.

Priorities for flight plans include areas that have shown an increase in bacteria and/or nutrient loads during water monitoring. Aerial monitoring is also used to identify future water monitoring sampling sites. Regular aerial monitoring is essential in identifying potential violations (runoff issues, uncovered poultry litter, or sludge accumulation).

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Aerial Photo of Uncovered Poultry Litter Piles.

PHOTO: Drohan, 2022.

As part of the CCRW Water Quality for Fisheries Program, industrial agriculture and factory farm pollution has been identified as one of the top five water quality impacts to coastal North Carolina fisheries.

Want to learn more about this program or find out if your neighboring waterways are being impacted by CAFO waste pollution? Contact us by clicking here.


White Oak Waterkeeper,

Rebecca Drohan, conducts aerial monitoring with Rick Dove, Senior Advisor, Waterkeeper Alliance

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Water Quality for Fisheries Program Update

Trailer for: “Tidal Alert: The State of Water Quality and its Impacts on Coastal Fisheries”



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