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The Fam

My father, the smartest man I know, always tells me to get out there and do everything I ever wanted to do before it is too late.  “Live your dreams”, he says, “and explore”.  The over thinker in me always plans ahead, but the older I get, the more I am ready on a whim to get out there without worrying about what to bring. Traveling light is essential for being able do what comes your way at the drop of a hat.  When the wind blows in the right direction, who knows what will come your way.

With that said, it’s just smart to prepare in advance for a trip like eXXpedition Amazon, but it is also smart to keep it simple and not pack too much in order to keep from getting bogged down from doing awesome things.  For a long trip with many destinations, I try to keep it to one medium waterproof duffle and one small waterproof backpack.  This also keeps me from having to check any luggage at the airport, which saves precious time and money that could be better spent on adventures.  It is basically nothing more than I can handle and haul all day without feeling like a pack horse.

When I was invited to join the Amazon crew for eXXpedition ( I knew I would be writing a travel blog post about packing and traveling light.  Packing light is not something that has come easy for me since I am as Type A, planner crazy person, as it gets.  Yes, in the past I’d pack the kitchen sink if I could, but I am getting over it and it has made all the difference.  The freedom of traveling light is something that I am really get used to.  The more I practice minimalizing what I travel with, the less and less I pack, but I am still learning and the struggle is real to balance “being prepared for anything” and keeping the space limited to what I can physically carry with ease and comfort.

Let’s start with electronics.  I don’t typically travel with a lot of electronics, because I spend most of my time on a beach or underwater.  When I travel for business, which has been a lot lately, I usually just rely on my iphone for emails and my ipad for everything else.  If I am speaking at a conference or symposium, I generally bring a flash drive with my presentation on it and leave the laptop at work – just depends.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor eXXpedition, I need a few more gadgets than I would normally.  I am packing a Kindle Fire HD for tracking marine debris at sea using the Marine Debris Tracker App. I’ve also downloaded a few good reads to the Kindle so that I am not packing paper books which can really weigh you down when traveling light. I still enjoy a paper book, because of the physical page turning.  When I have space, I will usually pack one book and then trade or stop in at a thrift or used book store while away if I need another.

I am packing an iPod that I have had since the dawn of time that is filled with all my fav music including some original songs by the hubs.  I am also bringing a rechargeable headlamp for night shifts aboard sea dragon (

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI store my headlamp in a scuba mask case along with my mask and charging cord for the headlamp.  This way it doesn’t get crushed and saves space by adding a two-in-one function for the case.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy Go-Pro Hero4 is essential for capturing underwater adventures, documenting cleanups, and getting cool video footage of the trip for my blog.  I always put my go pro along with extra memory cards, an extra battery, and the charging cord in a small pelican case that is crush and waterproof.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy Mac Book Pro is something that I hardly ever travel with, but will this trip in order to stay in touch via Skype on land before we set sail, edit video while at sea, and record data from the research.  I use an external hard drive to back up all my larger vid files so I don’t get all bogged down and slower than molasses.


I use a neoprene padded case and an REI dry bag (25l) for my computer.  It is super light.  They come in lots of sizes too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPacking cubes are one of the best things that has every happened to this OCD packer.  They keep my clothes, by type, separate and easy to find.  I hate spending precious time figuring out what to wear, so I like to keep it simple. One cube for shorts/pants/a dress, one for tanks/shirts, one for undies, and one for bathing suits. These little dandies are also super light and breathable.  Literally the cubes you see here in the photo are all the clothes that I am packing.  It takes up about 1/5 or less of the space I am using in my duffle.

Traveling light means wash wear and repeat.  I pack all black bottoms and mix colors for tops to keep it easy to pair – no muss, no fuss.

I adore Lululemon products for travel.  My go-tos and must-haves for travel are almost all Lululemon products.  They make a wide variety of quick-dry, non-stink, lightweight, and comfortable fabrics and styles.  My go-to “packing light” wardrobe consists of:

Bottoms – I choose all black bottoms for traveling light (worth repeating).  Keeps it simple to choose, I can spill coffee all over and it won’t matter (we all know that never happens when you only have 3 outfits for 30+ days), and goes with any top.  The Lululemon Tracker Short is a MUST for travel!! These are amazingly light, they are quickdry (less than an hr in the sun), super stretchy, and super comfy.

The Lululemon Pace Rival Crop is also a travel must have.  They are perfect for a morning run, but also multi-task as yoga pants, pajama pants, a layer for warmth, and everything in between.  I love these quick-dry fabric legging style crops for warm climates.  These even have a mesh panel for extra breatheabilty in the legs.  I prefer the Lululemon Wunder Unders for cooler/cold climates.  You can layer these crops with pretty much anything.  If I was going somewhere cooler, I would probably layer the Pace Rival Crops under my one wash-wear-repeat pair of jeans and save the space in my bag, but since I am traveling to a hot climate this time I am not even bringing jeans. These crops are so comfy for air travel and I highly recommend getting in an impromptu airport yoga session in-between flights – even if it means doing some basic seated asanas.  Your body will love you for it later when you’re cramped in a tiny seat for hours on end in the same position.

If you are not sure of the fit or fabric, check with your local Lululemon store manager or crew.  They did a fitting session for me and it made all the difference in the pieces that I chose for this trip.  I’ve been on their R&D program for years and I am still constantly amazed at the new fabrics, multi-uses for pieces, and modern designs that cover all the bases.

Tops – I like to bring shirts or tanks from sponsors if I am traveling for research like with eXXpedition so that I can show my love for those that support the project.  I also like to bring something I can trade like a shirt from an event or organization that I support and want to spread the word about.  My go-to traveling light staple is the Lululemon Swiftly Tech Tank.  These tanks are a must for tropical climates and can be layered with the swiftly tech long sleeve shirt if you are going from colder climates to warmer climates.  They wick sweat away like magic, they are super lightweight so you can bring a few, and they come in great colors that change availability each season.

For eXXpedition, I am packing 2 Lululemon Swiftly Tech Tanks, a Lululemon Squad Tank, a Lululemon Swift Tech long sleeve shirt for the flight and cool nights, the Lululemon Water Sun Runner long sleeve, which is basically a very flattering rash guard and sun protector.  All of these items roll up into a tiny space and pack neatly in a small cube.  I also packed a Carolina Recycling Association Shirt to show some love on my journey for those that have supported the trip, and I am packing a Project AWARE and an Earth and Surf Fest tank to trade.  I am layering on the plane a Lululemon Dance Studio hoodie jacket and a scarf over my Lululemon free to be wild bra and Lululemon Swiftly longsleeve shirt.  I am also packing one lightweight little black dress (LBD).  It is the Horny Toad / Toad and Co. Rosemarie Dress that is lightweight, dries quickly, packs like a dream, and I got it at a thrift store a year ago for $4.00.  It is one of my favs for travel and more.  I wear it all the time.  I can dress it up with a cute summer or winter scarf, add some fab Lululemon leggings in the winter with a cardigan, or wear it plan for a hot summer day over the Lululemon Free to Be and it keeps me super cool and comfy.  I have even worn it to work with a blazer and then thrown it over a swimsuit later in the day after work for a beach trip.  The “Rosemarie” is a super functional dress and a rad thrift store score.

Undies – I adore the Lululemon Light As Air undies.  They are quick dry and lighter than a feather.  Find them here: Lululemon Light As Air.  They take up less space than a quarter – seriously.  They also show no lines and feel like you are going commando… Best undies EVER!

Bras and Swim – I cannot express how much I love Lululemon Sports Bras!!!  They are the only bra I wear.  They also make beautiful and functional swim tops that you can surf, swim, SUP, and dive in without worry of any wardrobe malfunctions.  The Lululemon Free to Be and Lululemon Free to Be Wild are my all time favs for swim tops and bras – I pack one of each in black and an extra Free to Be Wild in White.    

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShoes – I am packing the Adidas Climacool shoes since most of my time on this trip will be at sea.  They are awesome non-marking boat shoes that are leather-free and have these awesome drain holes in the bottom that keep you dry.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey are super comfy and you can wear them all day without rubbing the back of your heal to death.  These are a must if you are on a boat or in a really humid climate.  I just throw them in a Lululemon shoe bag that is amazingly lightweight and keeps me organized and my shoes separate from other gear in case there is any funk from the road.  These handy Lululemon shoe bags come with most Lululemon bags.  I have a few fav Lululemon bags including the Arabesque bag from 2011 that I use all winter every winter and the Summer Lovin’ Tote that I use all summer.  They are always coming out with a new bag or two each season that is always highly functional and features the most creative and unique concepts that keep me surprised every time.  Sorry, I must sound like a Lulu commercial, but being on the R&D program has given me the opportunity to try and review their new products over the years and they really are rad.  The quality keeps me coming back and the customer service is unbeatable.  If you are in NC, head to the North Hills/Raleigh store and say hi to Sam for me.  She is amazing at making sure you have the right size and fit and can pair stuff together that will give you all the feels.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a woman, which we all are at eXXpedition, the Diva Cup or any other reusable menstrual cup is an essential for reducing waste and traveling light. This reusable medical grade silicone cup is not only better for the environment by cutting out the disposal of single-use plastic applicators and tampons, but it also saves you money.  My Diva Cup cost me $19.99 on sale via Thrive Market. Even if you purchase one at their regular price of $40, you still end up saving around $168/year or more by not having to buy tampons.  In ten years that adds up to $1,680 – $40 = $1,670.  That’s travel money!!!  This also takes up very little space (much less than a box of tampons) in your travel bag, comes with a small cloth drawstring bag, and is super discrete.

 To-Go-Ware is a MUST for any traveler or anyone in general.  I even used mine today while eating at a restaurant that normally gives out plastic utensils. They are made out of bamboo and easy to use, rinse, and reuse.  I keep them in my every-day-bag and use them on the regular too.  They are especially handy for travel.  I add a bamboo straw to my kit and I am ready to go.  Single-use plastic utensils are bad for everyone involved.  Learn more here: Plastic Problem and learn what we are working on to help here:  eXXpedition: the Science and then choose to reuse.


For all my bathroom needs, I use a super light-weight toiletry bag.  I adore the Sea to Summit Traveling Light Toiletry Bag.  It is the lightest toiletry bag I have ever had.  It comes with a few zipped  breathable sections to stow items and it has a removable break-proof mirror as well.  It also has a hanger to hang it on the shower rod or towel rack.

Inside the toiletry bag I have fluoride-free, all-natural, cruelty-free toothpaste in a medium size container (I will be gone for a month – go smaller if you can and refill it when you come home for next time) and a bamboo, completely biodegradable toothbrush.  Keeping with the all-natural theme I use Crystal deodorant, Arnica homeopathic cream for bruises and achy muscles, and Alba sunscreen.   I keep a small refillable silicone container of organic coconut oil for leave-in-conditioner and body lotion too. I like the herbal amor for keeping the mosquitoes off, and a vial of homeopathic ear solution for drying out my ears after diving.  I pack a small reusable/refillable razor that comes with a case and an extra blade in the case.  I stash some goodies powder for headaches and keep a random supply of meds for the “just in case” situation.  I will also stash a small container of patchouli or sandalwood essential oil to remind me of home (yes, my house smells like hippie).

I packed a tiny bar of burt’s bees rosemary soap that someone gave me as a gift back before the company was bought out and I figure this would be the perfect opp to use it since it has plastic-free packaging and could come in handy dandy for washing my face in between all the flight layovers.  I also keep a Lululemon Quick Dry Towel (small) in my carry-on too for face washing at airports.
fish face
I am underwater obsessed so I have to pack to dive.  With that said, I will be limited on space. I have not yet decided to bring or not to bring my full dive gear, but at the very least I will be packing a pair of fins (tropical for this trip – no booties necessary), my favorite mask (ScubaPro), a small but powerful LED light (Big Blue), a wetsuit (my fav is Body Glove – warm water diving in Recife and Tobago so I will bring my 4/3 full suit or my 2m shortie for this trip), dive shortieand for the underwater cleanups I will bring a Project AWARE dive against debris bag and at least one or two lift bags that I scored from the Kuwait Dive Team recently.  My dive computer is my watch (ScubaPro Meridian) so no extra packing for that.

I am a vegan.  What does this mean for travel? – Not much.  It just means that I get to try out a lot of local veggies and fruits. It also means that I am used to traveling with snacks at all times just in case, which is a good habit for any traveler no matter whether you are a veghead or not.  My staple travel bring-with-me-everywhere goodies are PB2 and nutritional yeast, among’st nuts and dried fruit (trail mix) type snack items.  The containers that the PB2 and nutritional yeast come in also make handy containers, when empty, to protect stuff like sunglasses, electronics and cords, or something cool from the journey.  PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that is easy to mix and eat by itself or spread on something yummy like bread or veggies or fruit.  I also like to bring nutritional yeast because it is yummy to sprinkle on veghead food and it packs a vegan form of b12.  For the plane, I like to munching on Earth Balance PB popps.  They are a delight.

The Cocoon Travel Pillow and Mummy Liner are little slices of heaven to have as travel companions.  The pillow is awesome for the plane, but also I am thinking it will be handy dandy as an extra pillow for the sleeping quarters aboard Sea Dragon.  It is light and squishes down into a small bag.  The Mummy Liner CoolMax is just an added layer of awesome for any destination.  It is basically a liner for a sleeping bag, but I like to use it to cover up and take a nap at the airport during a layover, extra protection from any sketchy hostel or hotel situation, or just a snuggly blanket to keep you covered on the plane, etc.  It is so soft, lightweight and perfect for warmer climates, hence the “CoolMax” edition.

BuffBuff makes AMAZING products!  I adore their headbands and use them for all kinds of things including a bandeau bra, mask for when you are walking dusty streets or doing a waste-audit at a landfill (yep, it’s what I do at times), scarf that wicks sweat away, etc, etc…, and did I mention that it is a headband?!  Check out their website for all the uses.  Buff USA products

Buff USA really styled me out for my trip and sent me two headbands, an organic scarf that I wear almost everyday, and a pair of gloves.  The headbands are great because traveling light means finding products with multiple functions.  The scarf is also multi-use and the gloves are going to be perfect for sailing (no rope burn for me), picking up trash along the beach, and the gripped palms will work fabulously as scrubbers for washing clothes I think.    

I like to pack some extra stretchy cords for tying things to my bag.  They come in super handy for other uses too.  Growing up with an awesome Dad and also being a Girl Scout always taught me to be prepared for anything and these little dandies take up very little space, weigh nothing, and you just never know what kind of uses you can find for these…

Entertainment is not super necessary for this trip since most of the day will be spent on scientific research and the night will be resting when possible, swapping stories with crew, occasionally keeping watch, sailing, and recording data.  Still it is nice to pack some items of entertainment especially for the ADD traveler (me).

I am packing my shark cards that a very dear friend of mine got me for my bday last year.  I smell poker night – I raise you two sea shells and a pistachio.  I am also packing a mini made-from-reclaimed-materials watercolor set that my super rad sister made for me.  The watercolor paint set, including brushes, all packs into an old mint tin. She also styled me out with a pack of blank paint-able postcards that I plan to share with the crew so that we can all paint a postcard and mail it out when we get to Guyana.  The iPod  and Kindle, mentioned before, will come in handy when needed for a little down time.

I also like to pack at least a couple of pictures of my peps when I go long distance.  I have a travel photo album that weighs less than an empty file folder and packs like a dream. It holds 6 photos of my favs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother must have for anyone traveling light is a quick dry towel.  I purchased one last year at Olympus Dive Center.  It literally dries in less than 15 minutes and packs down into the size of a card envelope. Lululemon has a really great quick dry towel as well that can also be used as a yoga mat or yoga mat towel for your hot yoga sessions.

I pack all my gear in the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag.  I LOVE this bag!  It is waterproof and has a hard protective back on it that is great for keeping your gear safe.  The padded removable adjustable shoulder straps that let you wear it as a backpack are the most comfortable of any bag I have every owned.  I have it in the 60 and 90L.  I use the 90L for when I am traveling with my full dive gear set up and I use the 60L when I am traveling super light and this is perfect for a carry on.  I also love the haul loops and the external pocket for random easy to get to stuffs like a plane ticket.  It also has padded grab handles on each side.  It is environmentally safe, weatherproof, and water resistant.  I adore the D style opening that allows you to see everything when you unzip.  It has a nice strong zipper and I love, love, love the daisy chains to latch gear to the sides.  It packs all my essentials and gear all neatly and safely and I expect these bags to last a lifetime.  Check them out here: Patagonia Black Hole Bags – videos of the bags and more info.

I also clip some reusable bags like the Dakine tote that also acts as my shopping bag or walking around bag.  I also clip my refillable 5Gyres Klean Kanteen water bottle, coffee container, and a refillable steal mug to the sides via the daisy chains and keep a few extra carabiners on hand as well.

I am also packing a pair of bamboo sunglasses for this trip.  These are lightweight, float, and come with a handy bamboo case that I also use to stash my pencil and sharpener.


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For more on packing light for eXXpedition, check out the packing video coming soon to  Traveling light means more freedom to get out there and see which way the wind blows today.


Blue Skies, Calm Seas, and Safe Travels,