Coastal Community Planning

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Coastal Community Planning
A great way to unify efforts in a waterbody is by helping communities develop plans with water quality in mind.” – Riley Lewis, Waterkeeper

There are several waterbodies in the White Oak River Basin that are classified as “impaired waters” which means the waters are heavily polluted by at-least-one type of pollutant. Under the Clean Water Act, the State of North Carolina is required to regulate pollutants surrounding these streams. One mitigation strategy that can help locally is to create coastal resiliency plans for towns and cities. These plans assess pollution sources and develop preventative measures that local areas can implement.

CCRW is working with partners and stakeholders in the White Oak River Basin to assess water quality impacts and prioritize restoration actions.

Coastal community resiliency planning and facilitating collaborative stakeholder processes is part of that program. The CCRW Waterkeeper works to connect local governments with resources to update current plans and ordinances that will protect water quality.

If you work for a local government in the White Oak River Basin and are interested in learning more, please contact the White Oak Waterkeeper.


Connect communities with resources that can make resiliency planning easier.

Improve coastal resiliency by restoring streams and rivers to healthy levels that can properly protect their surrounding communities.

Provide a better understand what is causing pollution in an area and work with communities to identify and implement solutions.

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