WQ4F in Action: Wild Caught and Film Screening

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CCRW Staff and Board Members participate in film screening. PHOTO: A. WEISER, 2022

Community Movie Night

Last week, Coastal Carolina Riverwatch staff and board screened Tidal Alert, a film about how water quality impacts fisheries and our community environment. After the film, key cast members answered questions about their role in water quality protection in coastal North Carolina.

After a facilitated session that answered questions about next steps in the Water Quality for Fisheries programming, William Kane, Director of the Beaufort Film Festival, presented Coastal Carolina Riverwatch a Beaufort Film Festival award. More details about this award will be shared during the Beaufort Film Festival this October and November!

Coastal Carolina Riverwatch packed the house to capacity, which is the first time this has happed for the films we have shown so far. I attribute that to the community support of Coastal Carolina Riverwatch programming and mission.”

– William Kane, Beaufort Picture Show

The film screening was so much fun! I loved seeing a room full of passionate community members talking about water quality.

– Riley Lewis, White Oak Waterkeeper

We all have something to learn from this film and the resiliency of these coastal North Carolina communities when it comes to protecting the quality of water and quality of life. We are grateful for the support of our community and partners like the Beaufort Picture Show.

– Lisa Rider, CCRW

Watch/Show the Film – Click Here.

CCRW Staff and Board Members attend 10th Annual Wild Caught Seafood and Music Festival

Barbara Blake, Wild Caught creator and Unknown Tongues band member, with Katie Tomberlin, CCRW Vice President, and Lisa Rider, CCRW Executive Director, dancing to the tunes of live music.


Yonder (band) playing live folk music with the smells of smoked mullet in the air and the support of the packed grounds of the Gloucester Community Center cheering in between songs.


The Wild Caught Seafood and Music Festival takes place off the Straits in Gloucester, NC and is coordinated and staffed through volunteers from all over the Down East community.

Wild Caught celebrates all things local and works directly with local food providers to ensure that the produce and seafood served at the event is local.

Did you know that over 90% of seafood consumed in the US is imported from other countries? This has huge impacts on water quality and the quality of life in our coastal community.

The Wild Caught Seafood and Music Festival is about local foods, music, and Down East NC heritage. I am so happy that you and the folks at Coastal Carolina Riverwatch could attend and I am so grateful for the work you’ve been doing to protect water quality, especially the focus areas from these last three years.

– Barbara Blake, Wild Caught Coordinator

At Coastal Carolina Riverwatch, we love how this event showcases our community food providers, sustainable farmers and fishermen. Learn more about sustainable food choices during Coastal Carolina Riverwatch’s #FarmFridays and by clicking here.

At Coastal Carolina Riverwatch, we are grateful for efforts like Wild Caught, that build community collaboration in an effort to protect the quality of water and quality of life by highlighting sustainable food harvested right here.

This event is a true representation of how resilient the Down East community is, plus it is fun! My family and I have attended the event for eight years and we will continue to make attending and supporting this community event as part of our family’s annual traditions.”

Katie Tomberlin, CCRW Vice President

“Community supported live music and local sustainable food, I am hooked (pun intended)!”

Lisa Rider, CCRW Executive Director

Fresh and local smoked mullet, fresh and local steamed shrimp, fresh and local steamed clams, locally crafted corn bread and hushpuppies, and freshly harvested local veggies and fruit. All served for donations at the Wild Caught Seafood and Music Festival by members of the community.


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