Support for Clean Water: Honoring Rick Kearney

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Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

Support for Clean Water


Rick Kearney, Ph.D

Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

Board President

Rick Kearney, Board President, was born and raised inland, in Memphis, TN. Early on Rick developed an interest in nature, exploring woods and fishing in lakes and streams.

After graduating from Mississippi State, he entered the Navy as an officer candidate. Rick served as communications and legal officer aboard a ship that did a tour in the Gulf of Tonkin, offshore Vietnam. There, Rick developed an appreciation of the beauty (and hazards) of blue water.

Following Rick’s Navy service, he found his way to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma. Rick taught and headed up programs at universities along the east coast, including the University of South Carolina, University of Connecticut, East Carolina University, and NC State University. At USC and U.Conn, Rick developed and taught their first courses in environmental politics and policy.

“My connection with CCRW came when my wife and I began spending the majority of our time in retirement at our house Down East, on Ward’s Creek in Otway. Watching and fishing the Creek, I am acutely aware of water quality issues, particularly those related to runoff from upstream, at Open Ground Farms.

CCRW’s mission to protect the quality of our coastal waters is critically important, and the main reason I agreed to serve as Board president of this amazing nonprofit organization. My commitment to CCRW keeps me engaged with our amazing staff, board members, and the broader environmental community.

Our work is important in meeting the challenges to our coastal ecosystem and the quality of our fisheries.”

Thanks Rick Kearney, and to all the CCRW volunteers, members, and donors!

Whether you have strong roots to the coast, lived here your entire life, or just moved here to enjoy the salt air, we need your support to protect the quality of water and quality of life. Regular donors, members, and volunteers are vital to continue the growth of service that Coastal Carolina Riverwatch provides to the coastal community.

Together, we protect the quality of water and quality of life in Coastal North Carolina.

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