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Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

Support of Clean Water

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Suzanne Wheatcraft

Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

Member and Volunteer, Board Director, and Supporting Donor

Suzanne Wheatcraft, Coastal Carolina Riverwatch Board Director, is a sustaining supporter of Coastal Carolina Riverwatch’s programming that protects the quality of water and quality of life in Coastal North Carolina.

Suzanne’s dad “built one of the first houses in Pine Knoll Shores and we grew up coming down to the beach from Durham every chance we got. Every few years my dad would save up his vacation days and our parents would pile us all in the station wagon for a family trip. Between those visits to Pine Knolls Shores and trips to locations (mostly state and national parks) all over the eastern half of the US and Canada, I developed my love for travel and my appreciation for what we have here in Carteret County.”

Having known Pine Knoll Shores for a lifetime, Suzanne understands its fragility to the impacts of water quality, and has also witnessed the area’s resilience through the collaborative support of this coastal community.

Suzanne knew early on that she was “destined for a career in one of the sciences.” Suzanne recalls a “great instructor at UNCW, Charles Markun”, convinced her that geology should be that science. The more Suzanne learned, the clearer it was that as a hydrogeologist she could do work that would have an environmental impact.

From UNCW, Suzanne went on to get her MS from Oklahoma State, where Dr. Arthur Hounslow taught her that “science and humor could go hand in hand… and could wake up sleepy graduate students in old, overheated classrooms during an after lunch, geochemistry lecture.”

Suzanne met and married, a Duke Forestry grad, Andy Wheatcraft. Together, their passion for nature and travel has served them well in both careers and free time. Luckily for Andy, he shares Suzanne’s love for Coastal North Carolina. Being from Baltimore, Andy also shares Suzanne’s love of fresh local North Carolina seafood – especially oysters and blue crabs. Both Suzanne and Andy are huge supporters of the Water Quality for Fisheries Program (WQ4F)

Once Suzanne started exploring the various corners of the Crystal Coast, she realized that “most of them are wet”. “We have an incredible amount and variety of coastline. Sound frontage and river bank, it all represents productive yet delicate ecosystems.”

At CCRW, “I’m learning lots of fascinating stuff about what harms and protects our communities and ecosystems, and I’m helping dedicated scientists spread the word about our home and how to advocate for it.”

Having seen coastal areas all over the world, Suzanne feels “optimistic that we have the tools and resources to protect our unique and diverse habitats and I’m excited to be a part of that work.”

Thanks Suzanne and Andy Wheatcraft, and to all the CCRW volunteers, members, and donors!

Whether you have strong roots to the coast, lived here your entire life, or just moved here to enjoy the salt air, we need your support to protect the quality of water and quality of life.

Regular donors, members, and volunteers are vital to continue the growth of service that Coastal Carolina Riverwatch provides to the coastal community. We are a small grassroots advocacy nonprofit working to provide services to Carteret and Onslow counties (link our Pure Farms Pure Waters Program), and serving the entire coast with our Water Quality for Fisheries Program (WQ4F) We do so with limited resources, because we have a support system like you.

Together, we protect the quality of water and quality of life in Coastal North Carolina.

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