Happy New Year from Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

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Together, We Protect Water Quality in

Coastal North Carolina.

Thank you for helping us,

  • Elevate the voices from the coastal fishing community about specific water quality concerns that impact fisheries.
  • Increase coastal ecology and water quality knowledge and educational opportunities for under-served coastal communities.
  • Advocate for sustainable farmers and fisheries that support water quality improvements, while monitoring potential pollution sources and reporting results of studies that implicate polluters to the proper agencies.
  • Facilitate the collaborative development of long-term solutions that prevent water quality pollutants including:
    • Factory Farming and Industrial Agriculture Pollution
    • Stormwater Pollution
    • Industrial Pollution (including Emerging Contaminants)
    • Plastics Pollution (including micro-plastics and plastics in fish)
    • Waste Water Pollution


Together, In 2022 we will Protect Water Quality in

Coastal North Carolina.

Your 100% tax-deductible gift will continue to provide the following programming in 2022:

Pure Farms Pure Waters Program

Providing services to communities impacted by factory farming and industrial agriculture in coastal North Carolina.

Water Quality for Fisheries Program (WQ4F)

Providing services that have been both identified and prioritized by the Industry Working Group made up of both commercial and recreational fishermen.

North Carolina Marine Debris Symposium (NCMDS).

Providing services that facilitate collaborative marine debris prevention and removal efforts in Coastal North Carolina.

Equity in the Environment Program

Providing services that bridge the gap between coastal sciences, marine fisheries, and underserved communities in coastal North Carolina.

For a list of all programs please visit our website at www.coastalcarolinariverwatch.org.

We know you LOVE CLEAN WATER as much as we do.

Here is how you support Coastal Carolina Riverwatch:

1. Join us by becoming a Member. We work for the water. Help us grow our strength by growing our membership.

2. Make a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation. Your donations go towards our collaborative fight for the quality of water and quality of life in Coastal North Carolina.

3. Become a Business Member. We will highlight your support of clean water throughout the year.

4. Become a Volunteer and be a Water Quality super hero in 2022.

With gratitude and love for clean water,

Lisa Rider,

Executive Director

(on behalf of the Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

Board of Directors and

Rebecca Drohan, White Oak Waterkeeper)


Coastal Carolina Riverwatch


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