Industry Working Group Oyster Roast

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Building stakeholder and public support for improved water quality in North Carolina.

As part of the Water Quality for Fisheries Program (WQ4F) the Industry Working Group(IWG), made up of commercial and recreational fisheries representatives, was developed in early 2021.

On December 18, 2021, members of the IWG, Coastal Carolina Riverwatch board and staff, and supporting members joined in celebration (or shellebration) for the first WQ4F Oyster Roast.

It was a gorgeous (spring-like) day along North River, at the Oyster House. Members enjoyed fresh local oysters, vegetarian chili, fresh local-made corn bread, and desserts. This was a waste-free event supported by the waste reduction team at Coastal Carolina Riverwatch.


The Industry Working Group, made up of (equal representation) commercial and recreational fisheries representatives, participated in a series of facilitated meetings to address each of the 5 priority water quality concerns.

2021 Completed Goals of the IWG:

  • Collaborate and communicate with fisheries representatives to address concerns about how water quality impacts fisheries.
  • Collectively learn (from the WQ4F Assessment Process) what is currently being done in NC to address water quality issues impacting fisheries.
  • Collaboratively make recommendations on what more needs to be done to improve water quality for fisheries.
  • Propose next steps that address gaps in addressing what is not currently being done to address water quality issues.

Funding for this project has been generously provided by the Marine Fisheries Commission Commercial Resource Funding Committee and the Funding Committee for the North Carolina Commercial Fishing Resource Fund.

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