Roots Run Deep for Support of Clean Water

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Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

Roots Run Deep for

Support of Clean Water



Fred Taylor and Family

Coastal Carolina Riverwatch

Member and Supporting Donor

Fred Taylor, Sr. Research Scientist Emeritus at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics, is a supporter of Coastal Carolina Riverwatch. While Fred lives in Austin, Texas, his roots run deep here in Coastal North Carolina, and so does his passion for water quality.

Dr. Taylor left Coastal North Carolina to earn a PhD from Cornell University, where he studied geology and aquatic ecology. He might have left North Carolina, but he has never forgotten his love for our coast and his passion for protecting water quality.

You could say, his passion for water quality started at a young age and encouraged by his mother, Elizabeth. In 1938 Fred Taylor’s mother was 22 and lived with her aunt Sara Hurst on her farm behind the marsh near Bear Creek.

“Mama often went over to the beach at Brown’s Island and helped the Lawrences and Gillikins, who captained boats down from Otway, process catches of mullet that they seined there each fall.”

Elizabeth Taylor was a great naturalist and conservationist. She was an avid composter and protector of animals and plants. “She seemed to know every plant in the woods.”

To read more about Elizabeth, see “Southern Cultures” by David Cecelski about the mullet camp for which he draws photos taken by Charles Farrell, now in the State archives on Flickr.

David knew Fred’s mother, but did not know that “she was someone in his SC article that he had referred to as the “Mickey Mouse Girl” until I found her photos in the Farrell collection and asked her about them because I thought it was her wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt (which she ordered from Sears Roebuck).”

Link to David’s article in Southern Cultures:

Thanks Fred Taylor and to all the CCRW volunteers, members, and donors!

Whether you have strong roots to the coast, lived here your entire life, or just moved here to enjoy the salt air, we need your support to protect the quality of water and quality of life.

Regular donors are vital to continue the growth of service that Coastal Carolina Riverwatch provides to the coastal community. We are a small grassroots advocacy nonprofit working to provide services to Carteret and Onslow counties (link our Pure Farms Pure Waters Program), and serving the entire coast with our Water Quality for Fisheries Program (WQ4F) We do so with limited resources, because we have a support system like you.

Together, we protect the quality of water and quality of life in Coastal North Carolina.

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