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Advocating for Gibb’s Creek

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Protecting quality of water and quality of life in Coastal North Carolina

Waterkeeper Advocates for Gibb’s Creek

Coastal Carolina Riverwatch Waterkeeper, Rebecca Drohan, advocates for preserving and protecting the quality of water and quality of life in Coastal Carolina. Recently, Rebecca joined a group of local citizen advocates to voice concerns over a new proposed development in Gibb’s Creek (Beaufort, NC).

“Shackleford Landing” is a new proposed development in Beaufort. There are 400 units of varying sizes, includes a hotel and commercial spaces. This massive development is being proposed along Gibb’s Creek, an estuarine tributary of the North River.

This proposed development, comes with a hefty environmental price tag. This area performs a number of ecological services including flood prevention, sediment control, carbon sequestration, and water filtration. Gibb’s Creek provides habitat for vulnerable wildlife and many commercial species that our local economy relies on. Loss of these services is not easily mimicked or restored. The density and scope of this project are especially concerning in relation to these environmental benefits.

Rebecca Drohan, Coastal Carolina Waterkeeper and Beaufort resident, says that “Gibb’s Creek is among few undeveloped green spaces in our community. Though not all coastal development is preventable, it needs to be done responsibly. All decisions must be made with the utmost care and respect towards our incredibly sensitive waterways, which provide quality of life here in coastal NC.”

“Beaufort is also in a period of great transition regarding development. New comprehensive land use plans are still in process, including the creation of a “Unified Development Ordinance”. These plans will be used to guide Beaufort’s development for many years to come. It needs to be considered whether it’s wise to proceed with such a huge project during this time of change.” – Rebecca Drohan, Waterkeeper

The Town of Beaufort is accepting written comment on the “Shackleford Landing” proposal through 5 pm on October 15th. Emails may be sent to for the Beaufort Planning Board to review. Find the proposal here.


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