Thank you for protecting clean water!

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See our highlights from 2020, made possible with supporters like you.

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CCRW Board and Staff extend our deep gratitude to all of you who supported us in our mission to protect clean water this year. We couldn’t do it without you!

Some of our 2020 highlights include:

  • 40 hog CAFOs monitored.
  • 23 poultry CAFOs monitored.
  • 15 local farms/markets featured as alternatives to industrial agriculture.
  • 17 water quality investigations initiated as the result of citizen concerns brought to us.
  • 125 water samples collected and analyzed for bacteria and nutrients.
  • 20 new Ocean Friendly Establishment certifications between both of our watersheds.
  • 5,333 pounds of debris removal through solo cleanups and partnerships.
  • 2 new municipal litter projects with the Towns of Atlantic Beach and Beaufort.
  • 1 Abandoned/Derelict Vessel (ADV) removed from waterway near Radio Island.
  • 200 trees planted.
  • Creation of the Eco-Gift Guide
  • Sponsoring organization, and lead contributor to the NC Marine Debris Symposium.
  • Partnered with local citizens to push for and get a resolution against seismic blasting/offshore drilling in the Town of Indian Beach.
  • With partners, municipalities, and citizens, a moratorium on offshore drilling was achieved. HOORAY!

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