NC Marine Debris Symposium

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The NC Marine Debris Symposium (NCMDS) is a grassroots effort turned coast-lover tradition.
Everyone is welcome and everyone has a voice at the table.

The NCMDS provides stakeholders from around the region a unique opportunity to share and develop best management practices that prevent and remove marine debris.

This collaborative event was the first of its kind in North Carolina and continues to evolve by showcasing the latest scientific research and policy development to keep our waterways free of debris.

Whether you are a beach sweeping volunteer, a solid waste manager, a local government planner, elected official, researcher, student, or involved in fisheries, tourism, or a local coastal business owner – this is the place for you!

Get ready for four packed days of collaboration and camaraderie. Be prepared for hands-on workshops and facilitated roundtable discussions that give everyone the chance to “talk trash”. Share your own stories of debris prevention and removal, learn about the latest research and policy development, and come away with action items that you can replicate.

Click the green REGISTRATION button to learn more. Student and supporting organization member discounts available.

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