Coastal Carolina Riverwatch News Announcement

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Coastal Carolina Riverwatch Announcement

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Coastal Carolina Riverwatch is home to both Crystal Coast Waterkeeper and White Oak New-Riverkeeper Alliance programs.

We serve a total area of 320 miles of rivers and streams, 140,104 acres of estuaries, and 129 miles of coastline.

Our Opposition to Seismic Airgun Blasting
Seismic testing is the action of emitting extremely loud explosions from an array of compressed air canisters towed behind a large ship on the surface of the ocean, and from those explosions, obtain a relative “picture” or indication of potential oil and gas deposits below the seafloor. This testing can impact our coastal community economy, threaten our fisheries and have long-lasting impacts on critically endangered marine mammals.
Please continue to join with Coastal Carolina Riverwatch, Crystal Coast Waterkeeper and White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance to say “No” to seismic testing and offshore drilling.
Learn More about this Issue Here!

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