Porthole to the Sea!

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My dear friend, Bonnie Monteleone of the Plastic Ocean Project, made me an awesome necklace a couple of years ago that I wear on almost every occasion. I am constantly asked about it. It is beautiful, but also provokes the conversation on how to save our seas from marine debris since it is a porthole filled with small plastic debris that came from the ocean.
This week stakeholders at the NC Marine Debris Symposium made their own portholes to the sea (necklaces).

14358971_1194226803952698_2932774052314144803_n  and you can get yours too and in honor of all that you do to rid our seas of marine debris – THEY ARE HALF PRICE RIGHT NOW!!

Porthole to the Sea (HALF PRICE SALE)

They make a great gift so be sure to grab one for your fav ocean lover..

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