Caribsea Wreck

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Good news and bad…  The two dives yesterday on the Caribsea Wreck just off the coast of Cape Lookout were amazing!  The water temp was warm enough that I did both my dives in a 2 mil shortie and the vis was good enough that I found a stash full of shark teeth, some sand dollars, and two cleverly hidden moray eels.  The usual suspects (Sandtiger Sharks) were hanging out at the bow of the wreck, although one female appeared very sick.  I counted at least 20 although I am sure there were more.  A couple of sting rays were hanging out near the stern and there were so many flounder that every time I reached for a shark tooth in the sand I disturbed at least two in a cuddle puddle.

So now for the bad news, although I double checked the battery on my go pro, I did not check the SD card and I got very brief bits of footage seeing as how the card was nearly already full from a 2015 trip to PR.  Not cool!  Oh well… here is what I got:


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