Coastinista Celebrates Anniversary by Opening up Support to a Coastal Non-Profit

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It has been one full year since was launched – WOOHOO!  Where’s the cake?

For those that are new to Coastinista, please allow me to introduce, a regular cup of coastal conservation and eco-awareness.

Coastinista is a wee gab space to provide outreach on both important coastal issues and some fun coastal travel and water sports stuff too.  Coastinista covers serious global issues such as marine debris, but all work and no play makes Coastinista a dull gal and thus you will occasionally find a short video of sailing, surfing, or goofy golf cart tours.  You will also find tips on how to reduce waste, recycle more, and how you can contribute to improving your community environment on a regular basis.

Coastinista was originally established to host a venue for providing updates on last year’s eXXpedition, to make the unseen seen, and to share Coastinista’s journey to study ocean plastic aboard SV Sea Dragon during the month of December.  One of the main functions of Coastinista was to help raise funds for eXXpedition while showcasing sponsors of the research, but the blog site has continued in an effort to go beyond eXXpedition and serve a broader audience by providing current news, short vids, and beach-side gab that any saltwater junkie could potentially find entertaining.

The plan is to continue a tradition of raising awareness and support for improving our global coastal environments.  We hope to do so in part by raising funds for an ocean friendly nonprofit.  If you know of a deserving organization that could use some love, please submit their info here:


As Coastinista moves into another year of coastal adventures, she invites you to participate by sharing your own coastal news and tips for being more ocean friendly. Please submit to with an email title, “For Coastinista Consideration”

See  you on the water,


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