Until We Meet Again

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To my fellow XX crew,
Nobody said it would be easy to make change in a world set on comfort and the ease of disposable resources. It takes fire, motivation, and passion which we all share.
Our journey that has tied us close as kinship and thick as thieves is only over if we choose.
I propose that our global community collaboration to only have just begun, to last the miles of distance, and stand to stand the test of time.
I am grateful for your humor, candor, and passion to make the unseen seen.
I will cherish your laughter, your smiles, and your stories of life, love, adventure, and overcoming hardships to make the unseen seen and motivate others to take greater responsibility to improve our global community environment.
Cheers to you, the change makers, wave riders, storm chasers, debaters, underwater obsessed, world leaders, and salty souls!
Con mucho amor,

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