Olinda Waste Audit part 1

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Well this is a rewrite so it might be a shorter version. I had my waste audit summary all typed up right before my phone died. Having written on the phone, I was probably more bummed than ever to have to rewrite it!


The residential areas have a combination of waste baskets/crates at some of the houses. They are in about the same location as a US mailbox would normally be in a suburban neighborhood. These baskets are metal and you must bag your waste in order to keep it from going through the gaps in the crates. I have not seen any residential recycling to speak of and everything is going into the same bags. Also, and even right near these crates, which only some houses have, there are what I would call small open dumps. These dumps have household garbage mixed with tile, gravel, and yard waste. Some of these, and there are many, have burn spots in them where, it appears, folks are burning the waste to reduce the volume. Just right outside of the house we are staying at in Olinda there is an 8yd dumpster, slightly shaped differently than a typical US 8yd dumpster, and overflowing with, again, a combination of yard waste and household trash.

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