Biodegradable “plastics” are NOT the answer!

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Please read the latest report on biodegradable plastics and marine litter here:

So, what is the best solution? The answer, my friends, is to STOP using Single-Use Plastics all together. Vote with your wallet and let’s turn the market, change the way producers make products by acting on our consumer habits and practicing what we teach…

We have way more power over the way things are made as consumers. Our daily decisions on what to buy and what businesses to support are what fuel the market. If we stop buying products that are bad for our health, the environment, our Oceans, and that impact our economy by means of degraded water, loss of fisheries, loss of tourism and the list goes on, then and only then will we solve this issue. We must! If not us, then who? “Do your best, because we need you.” We have the power – we control the market. We can do this together!

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