Plastic, my nemesis: Watch – get mad and motivated!

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Marine debris, especially plastic, has become the blood, sweat, and tears of my existence.  I eat, sleep, and nightmare plastic.

This video from 2007 (the problem is much worse now) always makes me so sad, but also angry and determined.

I am posting this video, because I have used it often (still do) during presentations over the last several years.  No matter how many times, I see this very short video, I always tear up, but I always feel motivated.

I am on a mission to reduce plastics!  Won’t you join me?

Learn more at:

and join me in supporting these non-profits, reducing and eliminating plastic usage, especially single use plastic, and volunteer your time to cleanup your community environment.  If not for the environment, for your health and economy.  If not you, then who?  We can do this!

Check out the businesses and organizations on the right of this website home page to see who supports plastic reduction and research.

Con mucho amor,


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