Bear Island Surfari Adventure

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A super rad opportunity came my way this past weekend.  I hopped on a small skiff with a boat packed to the gills with friends and headed over to Bear Island (NC) for a surfari.  Loaded with five people and 7 surfboards, we made our way around some creeks and the ICW to the south east end in order to catch the inlet swell that morning.  Bright and early, we ventured.  We were joined by another adventurous soul via kayak later that morning and had the entire island to ourselves for the better part of the morning.

I, of course, had several hours dedicated to combing the beach for debris and found a disturbing amount of balloons and random shoes amongst other items such as plastic bottle caps, water bottles, and many micro-plastic pieces in the rack line (showing where the high tide line is and in some cases you will see it marked with a line of sargassum).

It was by far one of the best Sunday Fundays I have had in awhile and mostly due to the great comradery, being able to serve mother nature, getting a little surf session, doing some free diving, seeing some really cool marine creatures, scored several whole sand dollars and a beautiful conch (good ocean karma), and of course getting salty.

bear island trash surf trip bear

Blue Skies and Calm Seas,


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